Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb review

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb cologne

Trust it or not, our aroma has a ton to do with how individuals respond to us, and it can likewise assume a part in deciding if potential mates are pulled into us. Late logical research has confirmed that all warm-blooded animals (particularly females) base a huge piece of their choice in picking a mate on fragrance.

Other than the way that our fragrance can help us in pulling in potential mates and being all around preferred by others, aroma and cologne are eventually quite recently extremely agreeable! It is pleasant to play around with your aroma, and continue testing until you discover a fragrance that is flawlessly suited to your identity and way of life.

Why Picking Your Perfume Is Important

Picking your aroma is as individual as finding the correct establishment shade for your skin. It has a science behind it alongside a touch of individual inclination. Human science 101: each and every one of us creates a body concoction that is novel and is totally our own. It’s not the sort of science that you’re contemplating that includes the fascination between two potential, good mates. In its face esteem, body temperature influences a scent’s notes and each of us has our own particular skin science. This point is essential since it’s the mix of the chemicals that our bodies create and the aroma that we pick that will eventually decide whether that particular fragrance suits us. So, a scent that may notice extraordinary on you will smell horrendous on another lady.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

Spicebomb Cologne frames its presentation by connecting with notes of bergamot, valuable Elemi wood, delicious grapefruit, and opposite pink pepper. In the heart of the scent lies fragile cinnamon, the inebriating fragrance of saffron and hot pepper. In the aroma’s complete, you can notice the forces of honest to goodness calfskin, fragile tobacco, and invigorating vetiver. This complex and extremely arousing cologne from Viktor and Rolf can be utilized for any event consistently.

The magnificent cologne Spicebomb Cologne by Viktor and Rolf resembles an unstable mixed drink of manliness. Spicebomb Cologne strikes an impeccable harmony amongst quality and style, force and delicacy. The scent will be acknowledged specifically without anyone else certain and dynamic men who remain with both feet unequivocally on the ground. The cologne is extraordinary for its enduring impact.

The woodsy-fiery cologne by Viktor and Rolf, Spicebomb cologne, is extremely manly and enrapturing. The cologne is contained in a novel container which underscores the aroma’s force and exceptionality. Spicebomb Cologne was presented available in 2012. Spicebomb Cologne hides a solid, intense and erotic scent.

Unlike other perfumes, you can use the Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb for as many times as you want. It’s an amazing perfume that doesn’t tell you to not overdo it.

You can use it in important events such as meetings, interviews, and even dates if you have the confidence and you’re ready to leave the lady breathless.

Lancome Tresor review

Lancome Trésor

Tresor is a treasure among perfume products ‘tresor’ actually means ‘treasure’ in French. It is considered one of the best-selling fragrances globally. This particularly warm floral-oriental has an incredibly fine and classy composition made of rose, apricot, heliotrope, orris and iris. The nose behind this perfume is Sophia Grojsman.

Tresor is a polarizing fragrance for ladies. You’ll surely love it. Though this amazing fragrance is not for everybody, it’s all fruity and syrupy just like peach nectar and fruit cakes. The perfume is certainly a tasty feminine fragrance. It is Convenient to wear but you have to know how to wear it. This fascinating fragrance is simply not intended to be sprayed liberally on one’s self, Instead, it will require one good spritz (two at most) with a mild touch on your wrist or neck collarbone and that’s all.

It is actually a powdery and extremely fragrant peach bomb with numerous florals. It is in a similar category of big 80’s style fragrances like Paris by Yves Saint Laurent. Since its release, a lot of people have really enjoyed the fume and get a lot of a compliment outside.

Lancome Trésor Gift Set


Tresor opens with peach apricot and pineapple, sweet and apparently feminine. There are roses, jasmine, heliotrope and powder notes, vanilla and a little musk, amber, and sandalwood. The effectiveness is a straight up fragrance that is perfect. It remains for an impressively long time and has unparalleled sillage. This is often observed from a mile away. The charged notes of fruits and flowers might not exactly be everyone’s preferences but again it is an extremely dreamy fragrance once you discover how to wear it. It’s much like clothing and fashion a number of colors and fabrics do not look nearly as good on some individuals. The fragrance is a wardrobe piece and it is actually not for everybody.

It is an attractive lady like scent for a mother. As a matter of fact, it makes a great Mother’s Day perfume. The vanilla is the most popular part of the scent when it dries. Tresor is designed to provide warm in the spring and summer and suits with cool light blouses and dress shirts, long sleeves, short sleeves, casual but semi-formal.

Age wise between 40 and 60’s, when it was initially launched it was intended for 20 and 30 year olds given that the standards for perfume age groups were distinct then. A rather simple and sweet perfume that sells, It’s one the most commercially successfully fragrances from Lancôme. The huge number of Lancome Tresor review speaks for them. This is certainly a success and one charming scent. This for fans of vintages fruity florals and powdery scents.

Juicy Couture review

Juicy Couture Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture, the very first perfume from the Juicy Couture casual-wear line, The fragrance was produced by perfumer Harry Fremont, this exciting perfume offers watermelon, mandarin, pink passion fruit, water hyacinth, crushed leaves, patchouli, marigold, green apple, tuberose absolute, wild rose, princess lily, caramel crème brulée, vanilla and precious woods.

It happens to be the latest release among the circle of current variety of sweet and cute fragrances. Its white floral bouquet of Juicy Couture fragrance is a bit more comparable to Christian Dior J’Adore and Marc Jacobs Blush and not Britney Spears Fantasy and Vera Wang Princess. Although it does not seek to break new ground in perfumery, Juicy Couture is a pleasurable scent. It is attractive without gravitating to a lot of clichés and girly without being puerile.

The fruity top notes are considerably more subtle than you can actually expect, being clear and crisp. The white floral accord tinged with an awesome green nuance and unfolds completely in the heart of the composition. It obvious resemblance to J’Adôre is certainly unmistakable, although the base notes of Juicy Couture are without question sweeter and more inclined to the oriental theme. Vanilla and patchouli frame the composition; in spite of this, they remain relatively subdued and enable the floral motifs to take over.

Juicy Couture Gift Set

In light of the onslaught of unimaginative fruity-florals the fragrance comes as a charming surprise, and lovers of brilliant florals like J’Adôre and Bond no 9 Chelsea Flowers really should be thrilled by it. If you appreciate J’Adôre from a distance, you cannot argue that the fresh floral is among the most desired feminine perfume families. For this reason, it is not unusual to see fragrance companies giving more variations of commercial successes. Nonetheless, Juicy Couture is incredibly well designed and it has an incredible richness while being unpredictable in it sheer floral mélange.

Juicy Couture consists of notes of watermelon, mandarin, pink passion fruit, marigold, green apple, water hyacinth, crushed leaves, tuberose absolute, wild rose, princess lily, caramel crème brulée, vanilla, precious woods, and patchouli. It is special to Bloomingdale’s this season.

Any Juicy couture review is always on the positive side due to its unmistakable uniqueness and novel scent.

Versace Eros review

Versace Eros

Versace Eros is a fragrance for a powerful man that is enthusiastic and a master of himself, Its masculine scent pulls its inspiration from Ancient greek mythology along with its stunning blue bottle depicting the God of Love. It features a brilliant mix of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest and green apple for an extraordinary scent.

The exclusive men’s fragrance Versace Eros is specifically created for a heroic and enthusiastic man, similar to the Greek god Eros. This fragrance completely reflects sturdiness and sensuality. The fragrance reveals love, desire, and enthusiasm. Versace Eros is designed for a strong and self-confident man who knows just what he desires.


Eros starts out with vanilla-mint aromas, which can be compared to barbershop fragrances; ambroxan with a clove-like feel appears next as well as active tonka bean. Eros’ base notes of perceivable cedar and vetiver-oak moss are nicely mixed to create a standard-issue woody accord. The perfume starts out as a warm fragrance and not really in the sense we’re accustomed to in men’s mainstream/designer fragrances.

Eros’ vanilla curdles, its ambroxan sours and explodes on the skin which disappears almost instantly and an Axe-like “clean/fresh” note becomes apparent that when mixed with the oriental-woody elements can make one queasy.

Versace Eros Gift Set

Versace Eros is going to create an uncommon atmosphere around you instantly and it will leave an incredibly sensual sensation on your skin. The perfume is crucial to the true anthem of love performed by the god Eros. The perfume beautifully interprets masculinity through meticulously selected essences which create a kind of clearly identifiable aroma.

Versace Eros men’s fragrance conveys the primeval desire between man and woman. It completely signifies the idea of triumphal seduction. The prominent color of the bottle is a bold and extremely masculine shade of turquoise. This color is an obvious reference to the Mediterranean Sea as well as the lifestyle there and it additionally insinuates Greek and Roman art and culture in a contemporary style. The power of Eros is depicted by a grand Medusa in the center of the bottle. Versace Eros is good particularly for summer months when its aroma beautifully refreshes you.

In this fragrance strong emphasis is on Eros, widely known as the god of love, who was able to make people fall in love with his bow and arrow. Versace eros is a perfume for the man who is powerful, passionate and is a master of himself.

Gucci guilty for women review

Gucci Guilty Eau De Toilette for Women


Gucci Guilty is widely perceived as a fragrance for a “21st Century beauty” implying that the fragrance is best suited for the young, audacious, charming and an iconoclast who enjoys life at full throttle as well as the sexy and fairly dangerous.


Guilty’s bottle is without a doubt attractive: it appears like an extra-large, gilded Gucci purse clasp or belt buckle, with its undeniable interlocking “G”s making a window on to the juice inside. Gucci addicts would want to own Guilty for the container only. The fragrance is categorized as a floriental, with notes of mandarin, pink pepper, patchouli peach, lilac, geranium, and amber.

Gucci guilty for women appears to be more of a sheer, fruity oriental than a floral oriental; it opens with a vibrant citrus accord, dusted with a pepper note that delivers it. For a short while you would wonder whether you are about to experience a reworking of Chanel Chance, which was partly the reason for pushing pink pepper into popularity a couple of years ago, but Guilty is significantly less floral and seems more rounded. The top notes create a pleasant glow. An extremely soft hint of lilac typifies the heart of the fragrance, still layered under the wonderful fruit notes and the geranium adds a distinctive greenish note while maintaining the peppery effect, that pepper is just as “dangerous” as things get, which is fine, though thrill-seekers who’ve read the promotional description might be let down.

Gucci Guilty Eau De Toilette for Women

Eau de Toilette

Don’t anticipate any earthiness in the “sexy” patchouli basenote, after all, Gucci’s air-brushed definition of sex generally reinforces the participants’ long, bronzed limbs, radiant cheekbones, and flawlessly glossed lips with no unphotogenic sweatiness. Rather, the fragrance dries right into a mixture of silky amber and fairly syrupy patchouli. It seems translucent and silky, like a piece of faux-tortoiseshell jewelry cast in a synthetic resin. You will discover a light vanillic whisper in the final stages of its improvement, rounding off the fragrance’s lite-oriental feature. Its staying power is normal for an Eau de Toilette.

Gucci guilty for women is deserving of two popular fashion-world accolades, “modern” and “wearable”; a spritz or two is definitely ideal for most workplaces and a heavier re-application makes the transition into evening wear. Guilty has a lot more personality than Flora, but it’s light and a lot more versatile than the chypre Gucci by Gucci. It seems as sleek and portable like its bottle, but unquestionably less flashy. So it’s definitely not an “iconoclast,” like that imaginary “Gucci Guilty woman,” however it compensates for deficiencies in “audacity” with timeliness and adaptability. It’s much more of a trend-fitter than a trendsetter, and it would need to find a broad audience, virtually all Gucci guilty for women review depicts the richness, style, and vivacity.