Best Oud Perfume

With regards to fragrance, it is not just about a good smell, but it is all about making a unique statement. Oud perfumes are presently dominating the fragrance and perfume world. Oud is considered the most costly woods. The scent is warm, with a range of sweet and smoky notes. Below are the best oud perfumes available today.

Tom Ford Oud Wood


Tom Ford Oud Wood has a warm, woody and spicy smell for men and women from Tom’s Ford Private Blend Collection. This oud wood perfume has an extremely precious extract, which is challenging, enchanting, pleasing and stimulating. Oud wood is the vital tone of this perfume, a totally exceptional of perfume making in Saudi Arabia.

Aquilaria tree is the major component of this perfume, it is a remarkable material that has a resinoid smell as well as the most classy and pricey wood all over the world. And it has been utilized for the making of incense and perfumes. This is a royal ingredient or also referred as wood of gods or liquid gold.

Creed Royal Oud

CREED Royal Oud Eau De Parfum unisex

Creed Royal Oud comes with a rich oriental smell for men and women made by the luxury, exceptional, dynastic as well as confidentially held a brand perfume that is based in Paris. Creed triumphs in utilizing ancient processing methods of raw sources carefully chosen to make their unique and unrivaled perfumes. The Creed Royal Oud provides a sense of the brilliance of palace life, Parisian and Persian.

This perfume was made by Olivier Creed, 6th generation expert perfumer from the dynasty of Creed. Oliver was inspired by the fundamental factors of a regal Persian palace, leather, wood, gold as well as marble. This perfume provides luxury, majestic smell centered in the harmony of oud wood.

Chopard Oud MalakiCHOPARD Oud Malaki

Chopard Oud Malaki, an oriental perfume for men is a superb tradition with lots of faces. It has a spicy base with a warm, gentle tobacco charm, the intensity, and strength of which each lady gives into. Lovely and nice intoxication comes from the east that enthralls you with its singular character.

This best oud perfume is ideal for discerning men who know how to draw the olfactory sense of noble lady.  This perfume comes with spices, lavender and amber and woody notes, an amazing composition of essence from that a masculine smell literally trickles.  This perfume comes in a gold bottle with intricate style.

Gucci Intense Oud

GUCCI Intense Oud

Gucci Intense Oud is also the best oud perfume available for men and women today. The oriental smell of this perfume is a sign of splendor and luxury. The rich smell of Gucci perfectly complements elegant women and men. The composition is extremely appealing and you will surely love the smell of this perfume.

The comfy unisex smell of this perfume perfectly combines oriental notes with fruity floral notes. The woody smell will enhance the appeal of your personality and also warm you up. Discover the allure of an exceptional as well as intense aroma of this amazing perfume.

Listed above are the best oud perfumes available that will surely bring out the best in you. This will make you stand out from the rest and improve your confidence as well.