Montale Intense Cafe Review

MONTALE Intense Cafe

Every scent has what they call top, middle and base notes. When all these notes are combined, they are called ‘accord’. Longevity, on the other hand, refers to the way fragrance smell over time due to alcohol content as well as many other factors. For most cases, it is the top notes that will hit first but then it will not linger for a long time the same way that powerful base would normally. Experts use the terms fresh, floral, woody and oriental to best describe the main four scent families. These also indicate the range of how the noses typically interpret smells. Apart from the notes, there are also four different gradations or strengths which indicate how strong the fragrance is. Following that, you will find that the price of a perfume increases as the strongest since it correlates to the percentage of the essential oils in every formula of perfumes.

Product Description

Montale Intense Café is considered as oriental-vanilla fragrance with tough chords of coffee and rose that are intended for men and women. This perfume was produced by a popular French perfume producer, known for its love of aromas from Arabia and Orient. It brings you an attractive fragrance combining an ideal duo of coffee and rose with vanilla and other combined chords. Montale Intense Café was created by Pierre Montale to be unique and evoke precious magic or miraculous ointment.

Product Features

  • Montale Intense Café opens with floral notes while its heart smells of sensual coffee and delicate rose and its base consist of chords of light musk, vanilla, and amber.
  • Its overall aroma, merging dominant vanilla and rose elements with floral and coffee aspects with a captivating tinge of muskiness and warm spiciness is rich and intensive.
  • Montale Intense Café has three compositions such as base notes, middle notes, and top notes.
  • The base notes include Amber, White Musk, and Vanilla.
  • The middle notes include Rose.
  • The top notes include Floral Notes.


  • It is an ideal perfume for all coffee lovers.
  • Montale Intense Café is suitable for evening and day occasions all year round.
  • The flacons are original. This is due to the practical choice of their material since Pierre Montale decided for aluminum to ensure perfect protection.


  • Montale Intense Café is quite expensive. It means that not all men and women who are fond of vanilla and oriental fragrances can afford to buy this perfume.
  • The warm aspect of Montale Intense Café only develops during the colder season.


For those people who are searching for a perfume with an attractive aroma of coffee, vanilla, and rose, Montale Intense Café is the ideal perfume to use. Get one now and rest assured that you will definitely love the coffee and vanilla fragrances of Montale Intense Café.

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