XERJOFF Nio Review

XERJOFF Shooting Stars Nio

XERJOFF Nio is the fragrance made with top quality ingredients combined together in a highly masterful way. When producing this perfume, perfection was exercised made possible through the help of skilled perfumer. This perfume has been proven and tested and seems to be the best choice for those who opt for fresh smelling citrus fragrance.

Brief Description of the Product

Aside from its amazing citrus fragrance, XERJOFF Nio is known to be ultimately zesty, sparkling and exhilarating. In this XERJOFF Nio Review, you will envision a refreshing walk all through Italian countryside when wearing this perfume. No wonder increase number of men loves this perfume simply because of its great scent.

This perfume paves way for mouthwatering blend of the rich Neroli and the Calabrian bergamot prior to deepening to its green and resinous heart. There are also hints of pepper, spice and some dry cedar that enliven the composition. The vetiver makes the refreshing fragrance of the XERJOFF Nio grounded.

What Makes XERJOFF Nio More Special?

Unlike other perfume for men or unlike other earthy and green fragrances, XERJOFF Nio does not fade into vague woody shadows instead, this men’s perfume retains its most refined vivaciousness for long hours and alternately show its uplifting and its mysterious aspect. XERJOFF Nio is a rare fragrance that’s ultimately fresh without actually being jarring and this is also elegant without being stuffy.

The Nio Notes are also factors that make this perfume noticeable and favored by most men are cardamom, bergamot, Neroli, Calabrian, green leaves, cedar, pink pepper, amber, Indian patchouli and Haitian vetiver and more.  These are actually just a few of the many strong points of XERJOFF Nio. Even if you take time to read XERJOFF Nio reviews, you will discover lot more special features of this product that make more men completely fascinated into it.

There are numerous scents or fragrances for men available these days but XERJOFF Nio makes most men engaged and smelling great all throughout the day. Smelling this great perfume can make them feel relaxed, happy and can even change their moods and transform them into better ones. Numerous men have turn to this perfume and all of them have enjoyed the great fragrance. This perfume satiates pleasing scents and brings excitement and enjoyment to whoever wears it.

With XERJOFF Nio’s inviting scent, this can surely invite mood or create or even spurs feelings or emotions. This is gentle and soft and has an unrivaled sense of scent. The person who got to smell the scent of this men’s perfume will also have a soothing experience. Those men who have already worn this perfume are the ones who share their positive firsthand experience and pleasant feedbacks and XERJOFF Nio reviews.


XERJOFF Nio is a highly recommended perfume for men. This carries a great sense that will surely invigorate your senses. If you want to smell fresh and good, this perfume for men is a product worth investing for. There are just many positive things about this perfume that you and many other men will surely love.