Similar but not the same – Oud Perfumes review

RASASI La Yuqawam

The best oud perfume makes a very powerful impression. It is the best option of scent for day and night. You can select from an array of oud perfumes available today. No matter what type of oud perfume you choose, this will surely make you stand out from the rest.

Here are some of the best oud perfumes available:

Rasasi La Yuqawam

The exceptional perfume for men will surely charm you with its elegance and sophistication. Rasasi La Yuqawan is an Arabic word that means irresistible, and its stands correct for this amazing scent. La Yaqawan men are extremely charismatic and attractive. His unique charm, discretion as well as gentleman-like manners are qualities he utilizes to get the attention of ladies and admiration of men. This perfume is extremely sensual and elegant. It’s enchanting smell perfectly mirrors charm and real luxury.

Once you smell this perfume, the tempting smell with enticing you with its subtle essences of a sweet juicy raspberry that are later balanced with exciting notes of sensual thyme and engaging saffron. You will also witness the silky smell of jasmine, thrilling frankincense as well as an exceptional accord of charming davana. The fascinating base of this perfume consists of strange sunny amber, woody notes, luxurious suede and clean leather. This superb perfume for men can be worn for any type of event or occasion.

Rassi La Yuqawan is made by perfume master from Saudi Arabia who brings the best perfumes in the world. It is available in a striking bottle with amazing style and design that will surely attract the attention of anyone with rounded and elegant shapes. This perfume blends a traditional style with a contemporary style, making a completely irresistible combination of timelessness and real luxury.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather from Tom’s Ford Private Blend collection is a leather perfume ideal for men and women. Its initial animalistic smell of leather is balanced by accord of night jasmine, incense as well as dark hide. Leather harmonies in the base are woody notes and amber and head feature harmonies of thyme, raspberries, and saffron, while a touch of jasmine is supplemented to olibanum.

This perfume has an attractively extravagant smell, which is ideal to use day and night regardless of the occasion. Try a perfume which is simultaneously seductive and pure, sweet and dry, and enrich cosmetic pallet. This is due to the daring approach behind the whole collection, is truly unmistakable and new.

Parfums De Marly Godolphin Royal Essence

This is floral, woody perfume for discerning men with a unique harmony of leather. From French Parfums de Marly collection of niche fragrances, whose exceptional idea is bracing the wonderful spirit of eighteenth-century scents.

The imaginative and rich composition of this perfume includes saffron, thyme, mate, cypress as well as fruity and green notes. The flowery smell comes from jasmine, orris, and roses extract. The overall smell emanates an influential magnetism, however, stays light and refined.

These are just some of the best oud perfumes available that will enhance your confidence and boost your personality as well.