Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Review

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Perfume

There are plenty of celebrity-named perfumes out there and you have probably tried a few of them already. Some of you probably are a snob who cannot see any significance to following expensive celebrity perfumes while some are really just enthusiast who will try anything. In this Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely review, you will find out what makes this another celebrity-named perfume a deserving scent for your attention.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Smell in a Bottle

If you are one who always likes nice scents, you will find out that among celebrities, Sarah Jessica Parker really does smell. Yes, she smells good. On that note, this Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely review introduces you to Lovely, the celebrity’s first ever fragrance release created by famous perfumers Clement Gavarry and Laurent Le Guernec.

Described to be a soft, lavender scent with a hint of musky cedar, Lovely also has notes of rosewood, mandarin, apple martini, white amber, orchid, paperwhites, musk, woods, bergamot, and patchouli. All these ingredients make a perfect mix as at first, Lovely opens like an alluring rain you would want to walk in to wash away the sweat after dancing all night at the club.

Then the top notes of bergamot and mandarin leaves a light, fleeting smell on your skin, which is then soaked by the rich scent of lavender and rosewood, adding to Lovely’s sophistication. It is followed by the woodsy notes of cedar, along with patchouli and orchid that leaves a musk and balmy echo. It warms the skin, a welcoming fresh and clean scent like the dawn of a new day.

Why You Will Love Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

There are a number of celebrity-named fragrances out there, however, none as rich, feminine and delicate as Lovely. Even if you read about other Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely review, they will also say the same, about how Lovely smells just like Sarah Jessica Parker. How did that happen? Well, so you know, Jessica used to mix the fragrance herself at home before they are bottled and made available to the public.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely scent easily leaves a clingy weight on your skin with its musky baseline and the almost-powdery mix of the lavender, white flowers, rosewood along with patchouli. Wearing Lovely leaves you smelling good just as Sarah Jessica Parker herself, who is renowned for really smelling good. The confident and self-assured smell of Lovely is a result of a thoughtful and not at all rushed creation that makes it nothing but superb. With that, it is not surprising that it even won the award as the Best of Beauty back in 2015.

Long lasting fragrance, light and refreshing, Lovely is ideal for any age and best suited to wear during daytime. It evokes no complex notes and simply a very pleasant scent. Lovely is sweet and light, just perfect for teens and even older folks. On the other hand, some are not convinced that the scent is sensual enough that it would be ideal for eveningwear.


Light, sweet and refreshing, Lovely is popular for a great mix of light but the long lasting smell. However, as it is a light perfume, it may not be ideal or sensual enough to wear for evening occasions, as most people say.

Rasasi Asrar Indonesia Review

Most men and women want to smell fragrant in front of others especially if they are supposed to attend a special event or gathering with their special someone or friends. Rasasi Asrar Indonesia is on top of the list. This brand of perfume has already built an excellent reputation due to the luxury, elegance, and quality that it offers.

Rasasi Asrar Indonesia as Your Investment

Choosing Rasasi Asrar Indonesia is considered to be a robust investment. This perfume is suited for both men and women and you will never waste the time, effort and money you are going to spend on this unisex perfume. This perfume belongs to the first class of unisex perfumes in the market which is made with a scientific type of division committed to providing innovation and quality.

Despite how huge unisex perfumes in the market are, choosing Rasasi Asrar Indonesia is considered to be the best decision that you could make. It will never give you an unpleasant smell that you will want to get rid of. Instead, it provides a pleasant and very fragrant smell that you will never experience if you use other unisex perfumes.

Best and Unique Composition of Rasasi Asrar Indonesia

As far as unisex perfumes are concerned, there are lots of choices to choose from that use different ingredients. When it comes to Rasasi Asrar Indonesia, you will be amazed as to how this unisex perfume is formed with the use of different notes of the best and most fragrant ingredients.

Rasasi Asrar Indonesia has top notes of ginger and bergamot. Its middle notes also include agarwood, orris, cedar as well as vetiver. Its base notes include musk, amber resin, tea, and agarwood. From the fragrant notes of this perfume, you are already given a hint on how fragrant and high quality this unisex perfume is. You will never regret getting your own bottle of this perfume.

Choose Rasasi Asrar Indonesia Today!

Both men and women these days want to make use of a perfume that will let them feel and smell cool and fragrant for a really long time without spraying perfume every now and then. Well, Rasasi Asrar Indonesia can definitely give you what you are looking for.  This is an amazing and unique unisex perfume which can give you the most fragrant smell you have never experienced before.

This unisex perfume is gorgeously blended and seasoned to be appropriate for both men and women. This is a feminine and masculine perfume that you should never miss out to try. With the finest and most fragrant ingredients that this unisex perfume is made from, you are assured that it will never give you any worries or unpleasant smell at all.


Rasasi Asrar Indonesia is completely one of the best unisex perfumes that you should give a try today. Apart from the fact that it is manufactured by a reliable and renowned company in the perfume industry, it also features only the best and most fragrant notes and ingredients you will love. You will smell good for a really long time, so you should grab your own bottle today.

Do you like this perfume? Did you hear about Rasasi Hawas?

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Review

Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume

Since the Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume first released back in September 2010, many women rave about this sexy fragrance with its oriental perfume. This Carolina Herrera Good Girl review lets you in on what makes the Carolina Herrera perfume a top-selling fragrance among countries all over the world.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl – The Fragrance that Says It Is #goodtobebad

The Carolina Herrera perfume Good Girl is an ironically named perfume sending the message that “it is good to be bad”. From all Carolina Herrera Good Girl reviews you can find, the perfume has successfully shattered its initial sales projection, the largest of its kind to ever sell a $200 million in its initial year in the last 20 years.

In fact, the Good Girl perfume is breaking every historical record, with it successfully doubling its sell-in and sell-out goals. For the last three consecutive months, it consistently topped as the best selling female perfume in multiple countries. Every Carolina Herrera Good Girl review details good things pertaining to this top-selling female fragrance.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Review Asks What Makes it So Popular?

What could be the reason behind the success of Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume? It is unclear whether it is due to its atypical packaging or the perfume itself. Is it perhaps, the marketing and advertising campaign that appears racier than ever? It could be that Carolina Herrera simply managed the perfect combination of the three.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume

The Inspiration – That Women Can Both Be Good and Bad

In most Carolina Herra Good Girl Review, they take note of the inspiration behind the fragrance – the simple duality of women. According to Carolina Herrera Baez, women can both be good and bad and so that led to Good Girl’s oriental and floral blend of fragrance representing the resistance of light and dark.

Perfumer Louise Turner whipped up the perfume’s juice, which hints the notes of coffee, cacao, almond, tonka bean, tuberose, and jasmine. This scent offers you an evocative and sensual fragrance perfect for women with striking contradictions that make it perfect for modern women, who often lead a double life.

Chic, Sexy Stiletto Bottle for the Good Girl Fragrance

Perhaps one of the reasons that make Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume quite popular is the sexy stiletto bottle in which the juice comes in. Good Girl is definitely a chic bottle of perfume that effectively attracts women with the eye of artistry. The fact is, women always like good things and somehow a fragrance packaged in a stiletto bottle makes quite an impression.

A Mix of Alluring Scents highlighting Brightness, Elegance, Wit, and Femininity

Just like what the perfume advertises, Good Girl brings out a moodily dark and freshly light fragrance that captures the alluring complexity of every woman. With jasmine, it gives the quality of brightness while the cocoa and tonka bring out an intoxicating darker side to the scent. With coffee and almond, it gives instant vibrancy while the tuberose gives the fragrance fluidity.


The Good Girl scent exemplifies an effortless elegance but besides the mix of fragrance, women rave the high heel bottle more. Women love the scent as much as the bottle that seems to say if you give a woman the right shoe, she can conquer the world.

Valentino Uomo Intense review

Valentino Uomo Indense Eau de Parfum

Are you searching for a high quality, yet very reasonable fragrance for men? Look no further than Valentino Uomo Intense.  Opposed to 2014 Valentino Uomo, the latest Valentino Uomo Intense is more intense, masculine as well as charismatic version.

About Valentino

Valentino brand was named after Valentino Garavani, the founder and legendary producer of high-quality fragrance. He was born in 1932 in Italy. During his research, this very talented and knowledgeable man grabbed the prestigious designer competition, the International Wool Secretariat. And because of his success, Valentino Garavani got a request from a renowned fashion house based in France that led to his partnership with Guy Laroche.

I know what all women want.  They want to be pretty.”  This is what he said.  In 1960, Valentino opened a shop on in Rome and presented his first ever fashion collection that was met with amazing success.  Elisabeth Taylor well-liked Valentino Garavani’s work very much.

About Valentino Uomo Intense

Valentino Uomo Intense is ideal for men. This will bring more charismatic, masculine as well as the intense charge to discerning gentleman’s life.  The scented fragrance of this perfume has notes of orange and tangerine which transport the wearer to the sage-perfumed Mediterranean. The graceful heartbeats in the beat of exciting and exhilarating iris as well as exotic tonka bean.

Valentino Uomo Intense Eau de Parfum is a proof that everything is possible. The energetic perfume is a reflection or an evidence of a contemporary gentleman with a well-built and tough personality and a strong lifestyle as well. With Valentino Eau de Parfum, you’ll be triumphant and successful no matter what kind of fight you are facing today.

Composition of Valentino Uomo Intense Eau de Parfum

The composition of Valentino Uomo Intense Eau de Parfum is bright and deep, suave leathery, a usual Italian style of fragrance. While the original one represents a white leather, the latest version indeed brings the strong and concentrated smell of black leather. The top notes of this fragrance have clary sage oil as well as fresh mandarin. The core notes take account of an elegance of iris absolute as well as tonka bean, lay on a base of vanilla bean and black leather. The fragrance of Valentino Uomo Intense surely lasts for so many hours, thus keeping your fresh and cool.


If you are a man with a fascinating and alluring appeal or if you are a man with an assertive prevailing masculinity with a distinctive aura, the Valentino Uomo Intense is perfect for you. This is an exceptional perfume concentration that has a long-lasting trail that can help you boost your charisma on a daily basis. This is also a good buddy when attending a very special occasion. A suave leathery smell, a deep, haunting olfactory signature as well as black leather, suave vanilla accords, this is what makes Valentino Uomo Intense the best fragrance for men at this point in time.

Rasasi Hawas for Men review

Rasasi Hawas - perfume for men

Fragrances come in diverse products and these are updated every now and then by different brands. Fragrance products also come in huge numbers and they are manufactured by many different manufacturers all over the world. These fragrances are produced utilizing diverse flavors and ingredients in order to satisfy the needs of every client. For gentlemen looking for a fresh, new fragrance that will go on for many hours, look no further than Rasasi Hawas for Men.

About Rasasi and Hawas for Men

Rasasi Hawas for Men is made by Dubai based Rasasis Company founded in the year 1979. Rasasi is a family owned and operated business which was established by Abdul Razzak Karlsekarem. Rasasi is known as one of the leading producers of high-quality perfume all over the world. This company has been taken over by his six sons who have sustained the tradition of showing a lively and energetic brand with an extremely promising future.

Rasasi has augmented its popularity and developed a remarkable reputation; this is due to the luxury, quality as well as the elegance of the products they manufacture. Rasasi provides colognes for men and women, perfumes as well as unisex fragrances with classic and oriental notes. Rasasi Hawas for Men is their latest offering with a long lasting smell that will surely turn the heads of everyone. What makes this company apart from the rest is that they just sell first-class fragrances which are collaborated on by a systematic division committed to innovation and quality.

Rasasi provides a wide array of fragrances and every fragrance reflects the traits and qualities of its owner. One of the best and most sought fragrances the company offer is the Rasasi Hawas for Men that come in beautifully inspired flacons.

Hawas for Him is indeed a very popular fragrance by Rasasi. This was released in the year 2015. It has a fruity-fresh smell and the longevity is indeed above average. In fact, a lot of users stated that this fragrance last eight hours or more on their clothes. What is more, their wife and girlfriend really love them once they use this fragrance.

Hawas for Men Composition

Rasasi Hawas for Men blends bergamot, cinnamon, grey amber, sandalwood and orange blossom to make an aquatic smell made to exemplify masculine strength as well as vigor. Hawas for Men is an elegant fresh woody fragrance that combines the best Italian citrus and the sweet freshness of pineapple and pear. The core of this contemporary fougere is based on water elements blended with violet and melon. It’s a combination of cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk with kind ambergris. The smell is inflected with fresh water fragrant notes which melt into an amber wood.

This fragrance captures the bold, exploratory as well as redolent spirit of a contemporary gentleman. Modern notes of this elegant fragrance come with a strong attitude to go along with. It comes in a clear bottle with python covered around the stopper. The textured python is located on the pack confines the sensuality of a man with flamboyance scented of haute customs.


Hawas for Men is ideal for discerning gentlemen who want to stay fresh and smell good all the time. Enhance your confidence, use Rasasi Hawas for Men now!