Valentino Uomo Intense review

Valentino Uomo Indense Eau de Parfum

Are you searching for a high quality, yet very reasonable fragrance for men? Look no further than Valentino Uomo Intense.  Opposed to 2014 Valentino Uomo, the latest Valentino Uomo Intense is more intense, masculine as well as charismatic version.

About Valentino

Valentino brand was named after Valentino Garavani, the founder and legendary producer of high-quality fragrance. He was born in 1932 in Italy. During his research, this very talented and knowledgeable man grabbed the prestigious designer competition, the International Wool Secretariat. And because of his success, Valentino Garavani got a request from a renowned fashion house based in France that led to his partnership with Guy Laroche.

I know what all women want.  They want to be pretty.”  This is what he said.  In 1960, Valentino opened a shop on in Rome and presented his first ever fashion collection that was met with amazing success.  Elisabeth Taylor well-liked Valentino Garavani’s work very much.

About Valentino Uomo Intense

Valentino Uomo Intense is ideal for men. This will bring more charismatic, masculine as well as the intense charge to discerning gentleman’s life.  The scented fragrance of this perfume has notes of orange and tangerine which transport the wearer to the sage-perfumed Mediterranean. The graceful heartbeats in the beat of exciting and exhilarating iris as well as exotic tonka bean.

Valentino Uomo Intense Eau de Parfum is a proof that everything is possible. The energetic perfume is a reflection or an evidence of a contemporary gentleman with a well-built and tough personality and a strong lifestyle as well. With Valentino Eau de Parfum, you’ll be triumphant and successful no matter what kind of fight you are facing today.

Composition of Valentino Uomo Intense Eau de Parfum

The composition of Valentino Uomo Intense Eau de Parfum is bright and deep, suave leathery, a usual Italian style of fragrance. While the original one represents a white leather, the latest version indeed brings the strong and concentrated smell of black leather. The top notes of this fragrance have clary sage oil as well as fresh mandarin. The core notes take account of an elegance of iris absolute as well as tonka bean, lay on a base of vanilla bean and black leather. The fragrance of Valentino Uomo Intense surely lasts for so many hours, thus keeping your fresh and cool.


If you are a man with a fascinating and alluring appeal or if you are a man with an assertive prevailing masculinity with a distinctive aura, the Valentino Uomo Intense is perfect for you. This is an exceptional perfume concentration that has a long-lasting trail that can help you boost your charisma on a daily basis. This is also a good buddy when attending a very special occasion. A suave leathery smell, a deep, haunting olfactory signature as well as black leather, suave vanilla accords, this is what makes Valentino Uomo Intense the best fragrance for men at this point in time.