Carolina Herrera Good Girl Review

Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume

Since the Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume first released back in September 2010, many women rave about this sexy fragrance with its oriental perfume. This Carolina Herrera Good Girl review lets you in on what makes the Carolina Herrera perfume a top-selling fragrance among countries all over the world.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl – The Fragrance that Says It Is #goodtobebad

The Carolina Herrera perfume Good Girl is an ironically named perfume sending the message that “it is good to be bad”. From all Carolina Herrera Good Girl reviews you can find, the perfume has successfully shattered its initial sales projection, the largest of its kind to ever sell a $200 million in its initial year in the last 20 years.

In fact, the Good Girl perfume is breaking every historical record, with it successfully doubling its sell-in and sell-out goals. For the last three consecutive months, it consistently topped as the best selling female perfume in multiple countries. Every Carolina Herrera Good Girl review details good things pertaining to this top-selling female fragrance.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Review Asks What Makes it So Popular?

What could be the reason behind the success of Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume? It is unclear whether it is due to its atypical packaging or the perfume itself. Is it perhaps, the marketing and advertising campaign that appears racier than ever? It could be that Carolina Herrera simply managed the perfect combination of the three.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume

The Inspiration – That Women Can Both Be Good and Bad

In most Carolina Herra Good Girl Review, they take note of the inspiration behind the fragrance – the simple duality of women. According to Carolina Herrera Baez, women can both be good and bad and so that led to Good Girl’s oriental and floral blend of fragrance representing the resistance of light and dark.

Perfumer Louise Turner whipped up the perfume’s juice, which hints the notes of coffee, cacao, almond, tonka bean, tuberose, and jasmine. This scent offers you an evocative and sensual fragrance perfect for women with striking contradictions that make it perfect for modern women, who often lead a double life.

Chic, Sexy Stiletto Bottle for the Good Girl Fragrance

Perhaps one of the reasons that make Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume quite popular is the sexy stiletto bottle in which the juice comes in. Good Girl is definitely a chic bottle of perfume that effectively attracts women with the eye of artistry. The fact is, women always like good things and somehow a fragrance packaged in a stiletto bottle makes quite an impression.

A Mix of Alluring Scents highlighting Brightness, Elegance, Wit, and Femininity

Just like what the perfume advertises, Good Girl brings out a moodily dark and freshly light fragrance that captures the alluring complexity of every woman. With jasmine, it gives the quality of brightness while the cocoa and tonka bring out an intoxicating darker side to the scent. With coffee and almond, it gives instant vibrancy while the tuberose gives the fragrance fluidity.


The Good Girl scent exemplifies an effortless elegance but besides the mix of fragrance, women rave the high heel bottle more. Women love the scent as much as the bottle that seems to say if you give a woman the right shoe, she can conquer the world.