Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Review

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Perfume

There are plenty of celebrity-named perfumes out there and you have probably tried a few of them already. Some of you probably are a snob who cannot see any significance to following expensive celebrity perfumes while some are really just enthusiast who will try anything. In this Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely review, you will find out what makes this another celebrity-named perfume a deserving scent for your attention.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Smell in a Bottle

If you are one who always likes nice scents, you will find out that among celebrities, Sarah Jessica Parker really does smell. Yes, she smells good. On that note, this Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely review introduces you to Lovely, the celebrity’s first ever fragrance release created by famous perfumers Clement Gavarry and Laurent Le Guernec.

Described to be a soft, lavender scent with a hint of musky cedar, Lovely also has notes of rosewood, mandarin, apple martini, white amber, orchid, paperwhites, musk, woods, bergamot, and patchouli. All these ingredients make a perfect mix as at first, Lovely opens like an alluring rain you would want to walk in to wash away the sweat after dancing all night at the club.

Then the top notes of bergamot and mandarin leaves a light, fleeting smell on your skin, which is then soaked by the rich scent of lavender and rosewood, adding to Lovely’s sophistication. It is followed by the woodsy notes of cedar, along with patchouli and orchid that leaves a musk and balmy echo. It warms the skin, a welcoming fresh and clean scent like the dawn of a new day.

Why You Will Love Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

There are a number of celebrity-named fragrances out there, however, none as rich, feminine and delicate as Lovely. Even if you read about other Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely review, they will also say the same, about how Lovely smells just like Sarah Jessica Parker. How did that happen? Well, so you know, Jessica used to mix the fragrance herself at home before they are bottled and made available to the public.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely scent easily leaves a clingy weight on your skin with its musky baseline and the almost-powdery mix of the lavender, white flowers, rosewood along with patchouli. Wearing Lovely leaves you smelling good just as Sarah Jessica Parker herself, who is renowned for really smelling good. The confident and self-assured smell of Lovely is a result of a thoughtful and not at all rushed creation that makes it nothing but superb. With that, it is not surprising that it even won the award as the Best of Beauty back in 2015.

Long lasting fragrance, light and refreshing, Lovely is ideal for any age and best suited to wear during daytime. It evokes no complex notes and simply a very pleasant scent. Lovely is sweet and light, just perfect for teens and even older folks. On the other hand, some are not convinced that the scent is sensual enough that it would be ideal for eveningwear.


Light, sweet and refreshing, Lovely is popular for a great mix of light but the long lasting smell. However, as it is a light perfume, it may not be ideal or sensual enough to wear for evening occasions, as most people say.