Victoria Secret Bombshell review


If you are conversant with the fashion world, the name, Victoria Secret will not be new to you. Victoria’s Secret is a huge line of women’s premium fashion, lingerie and beauty products that are perfectly designed to make women as stunning as possible while also looking extremely seductive. Aside from being a leading brand in the cloth line business, Victoria’s Secret also takes great pride in producing top-quality and award-winning fragrances. One perfume from Victoria’s Secret fragrance collection that I may buy again and again is the Bombshell Eau de parfum for women.

Features and Composition

The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell comes in a glowy sweety bottle that is exceptionally tempting. Made from the blend of freshly cut fruity floral (Purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony) and vanilla orchid, the bombshell has an appealing feminine scent that will make you feel sensuous in an instant as well as smelling super sweet all day long. It is light, crisp and clear with grapefruit as the note that is most prominent. The beautiful balance of the constituting ingredients gives it an energetic and sweet type of scent. Apart from making you look stunningly beautiful, it will also perform wonders for your mood.

On me, the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell has a surprising complexity and smells that is simultaneously warm and refreshing. In addition, it is easy to wear, not overpowering or murky and has an encouraging staying power, which makes it perfect for casual or office wear in summer/spring seasons.


Although the price is on the high side, it is still affordable compared to most other perfume brands. If you want to feel more comfortable and elegance, a couple spray of this scent on your outfit will offer a gorgeous smell all day long.


Overall, the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell has a pleasant scent, giving you a cool, fresh yet sexy fragrance that is perfect to be worn anytime. But be careful of the quantity you squirt, as it can be extremely strong. With the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, a little will go a long way. Definitely, I’ll buy again!