Mugler Cologne review

MUGLER Cologne Eau De Toilette unisex

Even though he started his career in the fashion industry, Thierry Mugler is among the leading fragrance manufacturers in France. Of all his fragrance releases, one that really got everyone talking is the Cologne. If you are looking for a perfume with sexy and an appealing scent, choosing Mugler Cologne can never be a mistake. It is nearly the perfect cologne for me; the one I don’t get tired of.


First released in 2001, Mugler Cologne is an amazing, modern and elegant fragrance for men and women who are into fresh citrus perfumes. It is a seductive Mugler creation with lots of soapy qualities, and cologne Eau de Toilette that evokes the conventional eau de cologne with its pure fresh and intoxicating scent. This captivating fragrance is captured in a sleek green designer fragrance bottle.


Mugler Cologne starts with sharp, clear green and citrus notes, which is instantly followed by a clean fresh fragrance. The top notes comprise a mix of Neroli, Bergamot, and petitgrain, with a soft white musk in its base notes. It has much of the musk so it lasts longer than the conventional colognes, but do not become irritating. Additionally, it has an inexplicable “S” note at the heart – an ingredient kept as a secret. All these ingredients are mix together to arrive at an agreement that is pure pleasure.

It is a wonderful inspiring fragrance for summer months, even when your Eau de Toilette seems too much or when you are tired of your other fragrances. Just like other Mugler releases, Cologne has a reasonable lasting power of about 4-6 hours and an inoffensive fresh scent of cleanliness, with light undertones of wood and orange blossom.


Mugler Cologne has somewhat unusual qualities of its own, which makes it very attractive and charming. However, the only shortcoming Mugler Cologne has is that after about an hour of applying it, it becomes a skin scent. Other than that, it is a nice, citrus scent to have, but I will recommend you do not overdo it.